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Recruitment is a multi-step process at Skyking. Our commitment is to provide you with all the information you need about the candidate, including – employment history and verification, skill sets, etc - to ensure that you're well placed and able to make informed decisions.

In addition, we guarantee confidentiality. We also recognize the value of diversity in our workforce and don’t discriminate on grounds of race, sex, religion, disability or age. In addition, we're committed to recognizing the need to balance work with personal life and we're open to discussing your needs during the recruitment process.

At Skyking, it is our belief that the one of the most important aspect in the placement process is:

“Understanding our Clients” – As part of our initial step in the recruitment process, it is critically important to understand the work culture and expectations of our clients. The success of our placement process greatly depends on aligning our clients objectives with our placement process.

The next steps are:

Developing Job Specifications

Face-to-face meetings with the hiring managers, operations managers and other senior managers allow us to develop a thorough, written position description. It is essential to to formulate intricate details of every category of personnel required and job descriptions of every position to be hired for.

Targeting Candidates

Using our state-of-the-art database, industry network, associate office network, the internet and information technology, job fairs, and advertisements in leading newspapers we constantly work towards building a comprehensive database of résumé’s.

Using the aforementioned, we assemble candidates as per job specifications which provide us with a wide variety of people from all over India to shortlist the most appropriate candidates.

In addition, candidates can directly visit our website, view our vacancies and apply to us.

Narrowing the Focus

Every candidate undergoes interviews in two-steps.

In-house HR Managers:

For our initial evaluation, every candidate is interviewed by HR managers. Candidates are evaluated based on:

  • Employment history.
  • Educational qualification
  • Behavioral interviews.
  • Personality and presentation traits.
  • Reference checks.

Industry Expert/ Position specific expert: At the second stage each candidate is presented to apanel of experts. The Panel interviews each candidate based on job specification and experience, industry knowledge, latest processes and systems, ability and willingness to adapt to clients needs, etc.

Assessing the Match

Results from both the HR Managers and Industry experts are then matched to find the right person for the right job. Only the most suitable candidates are pass through these two processes, creating the most ideal candidate from the available pool.

Introducing the Candidates

Before meeting finalized candidates, our client receives detailed written candidate analysis, including strengths, weaknesses and experience relative to the position description. Our comprehensive shortlisting process ensures our clients meet only the most suitable candidates.

Negotiating the Offer

Clients frequently ask us to draft the offer letter and/or serve as an intermediary during potentially sensitive negotiations. We also assist in structuring and negotiating the offer.

Maintaining Contact

Throughout the first year and beyond we stay in touch with the hiring executive and the successful candidate. In doing so, we ensure a smooth transition and the continued satisfaction of both parties.

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